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by Christopher Morris

Virility Ex

Hello… Its Christopher Morris here.

First of all, thanks for visiting my website on Virility Ex male enhancement pill reviews.  

If you are looking for penis size enhancement and want to have highly satisfying and enjoyable sex with your female partner, you may check out this review to find how Virility Ex pill can help you.  

A couple of months ago when I wanted  to try out Virility Ex; I came across few reviews where some guys were claiming that they were able to increase the length of the penis by 3 to 4 inches after using this pill for 60 days!!!  I did not take this claims seriously as there is no way to verify those facts with out any medical evidence for the same.

Since I always have strong craving for fulfilling sexual experience with improved sexual vigor, I purchased this pill a few months ago. Honestly, I did not purchase this natural pill for increasing penis size, but for enhancement of sexual vigor and pleasure. 

I went on to buy this pill only when I found this pill  is manufactured and marketed by Market Health Pvt. Ltd., one of the most reputed and trustworthy herbal & natural supplements manufacturing company, which is known for several effective and high quality herbal medicines. Secondly there is no risk in buying this product as the company offers 90 days strong money back guarantee  if the customer is not satisfied with the results.

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My Virility Ex Facts And Findings

Before briefing you on my personal experience with this pill, let me give you detailed information on this pill which you must know before buying this pill. 

Virility Ex is the most popular and all natural male enhancement pill that is being used by thousands of people all over the world. It is one of the largest selling natural male enhancement supplement available in the market today. 

One of the important claims of this male enhancement supplement is that it can increase the size of the penis with maximum muscular hardness.  Few weeks of intake of this supplement can result in noticeable increase in the girth and length of the penis. Virility Ex makes the penis bigger by producing the hardest possible erection which is not achieved naturally by most of the men.  

The rock solid erection is sustained for long duration and delays the ejaculation to give prolonged power-play during every sexual encounter. It has also the ability to check erectile dysfunction very effectively as testified by many customers. 


It is very true that this pill boosts sexual stamina and libido to the optimum. This pill  is a very good substitute for Viagra as it is capable of producing almost all desired effects obtained from Viagra.

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How Does Virility Ex Pill Work?


Does Virility Ex Work?

There is no rocket since behind natural male enhancement pill. When two of this pills taken daily for few weeks, this natural enhancement pill slowly effects on the nourishment and maximum growth of erectile chambers in the penis known as Corpora and Cavernosa.

Erectile chambers’ walls are made wider and firmer to hold maximum quantity of blood within it. Specific ingredients of this penis pill generate maximum blood flow into the wider and stronger erectile chambers at the time of erection which gives a massive boost to the length and girth of the penis. It is the hardest erection that can make the penis bigger. 

The ingredients in this supplement creates a condition within the body whereby during sexual arousal maximum blood is made to rush into its spongy tissue which eventually gets highly saturated with maximum quantity of blood. The blood is not able to flow away from the genitals, ensuring that the erection stays firm and long-lasting and it enlarges the penis to fullest possible length and girth. 


As the person grows older, there is natural decrease of libido in most people and a satisfactory lovemaking becomes just an imagination. The natural ingredients in it gradually increases libido and reinstates a very healthy and strong sexual impulses within a person. I have personally experienced enhanced level of sexual excitement and orgasm after using this pill. 


Virility Ex

Another commendable effect of this pill is its efficiency in controlling erectile dysfunction.  All those who suffer from erectile dysfunction can easily over come the problem with this pill. 


I can give you a deeper understanding on the effectiveness of VirilityEx by analysing the major ingredients of this pill and how each of those ingredients take various sexual enhancement results in your body. So let us now take a detailed view on the ingredients and its effectiveness. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the guarantee on this ‘penis size increase’ supplement?

Virility Ex FAQ

The company offers a "90-day money back guarantee". However I must remind you that no company will give a complete money back offer on any product if it is already used up completely and all money back offers have strict guidelines to be followed. Even after 30 days of usage if you do not experience the satisfactory changes, you can return the unopened bottles and get the money back. 


2. How much dose must be taken? 

Take 2  pills daily – monthly supply is 60 capsules.

3. Virility Ex Ingredients   

It contains all natural ingredients which are used since centuries for male enhancement. 

4. Does it have any side effects? 

The ingredients in this pill are 100% natural and are all well known medicinal herbals used by people over the centuries. However, there is a possibility that those who suffer from high blood pressure may   face slight increase in the blood pressure as it is the case with all virility enhancement products. There are no proven Virility Ex Side Effects do exist in reality

5. Are there any free gifts available with this pill? 

When you buy this supplement from the official web site, you will get two free E-Books worth $77,  (1) The Art of Dating, &  (2) Secrets of Total Satisfaction. With your order for the pill you will be automatically signed up to get a Free Lifetime Membership access to result based Virility Ex Online Penis Enlargement Program

6. Where can I Buy Virility Ex


This product is exclusively sold only onlineBuy this pill only from the official website as there many other scam sellers online. The price is  $49 for one bottle – one month supply. But currently you can save up to 50% on the actual price by availing the Discount offer with Free Bottle Offers(Get 6 bottles at the cost of 3 bottles only). Coupon Free Trial Offer is also available with pay only 'Shipping & Handling Charges' ($24.99).  However, you  can get maximum saving and better benefit on purchase with "Free Bottle Offers" than the Coupon Free* Trial Offer. 


This male enhancement product is available for online purchase in 214 countries.  You can directly order for this natural pills online from the above given links by just using your credit card. The Virility Ex product will be shipped to your given address within 24 hours and will be delivered to you within 10 days time depending on the international courier facility in your town. Please note that because of  international trade impediments this product will not shipped  by the company to following countries  Benin, Botswana, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Ghana , Gambia, Guyana, Cambodia, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland and Zambia.  


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My Experience and Opinion on Virility Ex 


Honestly speaking, I really don't require any male enhancement pill, but for a trial and purely out of curiosity; I purchased 3 bottles and got three bottles free (it gave me 50% Saving on price) and I began to use Virility Ex a couple of months ago.


Beginning I daily consumed it for more than a month. Within a week or so, I found that it really boosts the sexual drive and gives prolonged staying power with maximum erection. The penis size gets bigger with unusually hard erection. The sexual pleasure enhancement after using this pill is really superb.  The best part I like is that it delays the ejaculation for long time, which was a real problem I got solved with this pill. 

This pill can boost the size of the penis by giving maximum erection.  With hardest and stiffest possible erection the size become much larger. After using this pill, I have not experienced any physical discomfort like nausea, headache,  body pain, giddiness or indigestion issues which are commonly associated with most of the other male enhancement pills.

These days also I keep taking this pill few times a weekI cannot judge whether you should try this pill or not. All what I can say is that  this pill might also work for you the way it has worked for me and numerous others. If you are too skeptical on the effectiveness of this pill, you can safely opt for 1 month coupon trial offer. I would recommend that you certainly give a try at Virility Ex. 

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Virility Ex IngredientsThis penis enlargement supplement is made up of time tested and proven natural sexual enhancement ingredients which were traditionally used in ancient sexual treatments in Asian and South American countries.

The ingredients are all natural and organic. Most of the ingredients are selectively handpicked from the Amazon and African region and organically grown farms of medicinal shrubs and herbs in South East Asian Countries.    

Major  Virility Ex ingredients  are Maca, Damiana, Yohimbe Tribulus, Sarsaparilla, Oat Straw, Muira Puama, Eleuthero, Elk Velvet Antle, Niacin and Zinc Oxide


Yohimbine is alkaloid bark of the West African evergreen Pausinystalia yohimbe. Yohimbe is one of the oldest natural sexual enhancement medicines known for its aphrodisiac properties and effectiveness intreating male impotence. It is very popularly used in West African countries since ancient time to treat erectile dysfunction. It is now widely used as prescription medicine in Western medicine after several clinical test and research. It is the major ingredient in Virility Ex.



Another best ingredient used in this pill is Tribulus a.k.a Puncture Vine weed very commonly found in most of the forests. It has the proven ability in increasing testosterone levels and thus improves male sexual performance as well as helping build muscle. It has been clinically proven that this extracts this weed stimulates the androgen receptors in the brain. Well known traditional Indian Ayurvedic solutions use Tribulus as the best natural aphrodisiac enhancing medicine.

Velvet Antlers

Velvet Antelers is on the most commonly used ingredients in all traditional medicines in China and other East Asian countries. Typically the antler is cut off annually near the base after it is about two-thirds of its potential full size on a deer and then they are powdered and used in various natural medicines. It has several medicinal properties to cure several ailments and above all it has the high potentiality to improve the levels of testosterone in man. Antlers sourced from red deer and elk in New Zealand and America are used for making this pill.



This herb was traditionally used by the Chinese and also very popular in East Asia, Japan and Russia. In recent times it has become popular in the Western Meidcine as well. The extracts from this herb is extremely effective in relieving stress and stimulate the nerve system which ultimately leads to enhanced sexual vigor and vitality similar to that of Horny Goatweed.



Barrenwort is the more popularly known name ofe Horny Goatweed. It is a flowering plant with a key substance called icarrin. This extract consumed in proportional quantity on a regular basis, it eliminates erectile dysfunction. Barrenwort increases penile blood pressure to the maximum during sexual excitement. This supplement is very rich with Barrenwort.  


Muira Puamba

Virility Ex penis enlargement pill contains Muira Puamba, a herbal plant mostly found in the South American region.  It is a quite popular practice among men folk in Rio Negra and most parts of South America to consume the powder made from the he root and bark of Muira Puamba as very effective and popular herbal treatment for sexual dysfunction.



The natives of Brazin used the mixture crated from the barks of many medicinal plants and this mixture is called Catuaba. It has one of the finest aphrodisiac powers. It’s active ingredient being three alkaloids dubbed catuabine A, B and C that are believed to enhance sexual function bystimulating the nervous system



Maca is an herbaceous plant native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru.  This plant is widely grown for their hypocotyls which are used as a root vegetable and a herbal medicine. Many clinical trials have proved that Maca extracts increases sexual libido and quality and quantity of semen. It also increases the sexual appetite and excitement.

Virility Ex  is indeed a special and unusual blend of best herbals which have proven sexual enhancement ingredients and had been in use since centuries.


Niacin & Zinc Oxide

This male enhancement remedy is rich with finest herbal ingredients which have proven effect on all-round sexual enhancement in men. It also uses to natural ingredients from modern medicines, that is Zinc Oxide and Niacin.  


Virility Ex Reviews Niacin is popularly known a Vitamin B3, an organic compound which greatly helps in the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal gland. It reduces the cholesterol in the blood and enables the smooth flow of blood.


Zinc Oxide is a very prominent component in modern medicine which helps vastly in sperm motility and quality and is very important in the metabolism of testosterone.  It has been clinically proven that regular intake of Zinc Oxide improves fertility and increases virility in men


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